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Air Conditioning Repair in Cumming

Air Conditioning Repair in Cumming

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The Georgia heat can be unbearable at times, especially during the summer months. So when your air conditioner stops working, you need a air conditioning repair in Cumming you can count on – and fast! At DC Cheek Heating & Cooling, we are the Cumming air conditioning repair company you can rely on for prompt, quality AC repairs anytime disaster strikes your cooling system.

We know that your air conditioning system can break at any time of the day. It doesn’t run on a normal work schedule, so neither do our technicians! We don’t just advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service at DC Cheek Heating & Cooling – we deliver it.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners want to know: should they repair or replace their air conditioning system? Well, that often depends on the damage done to the AC unit. If it is beyond repair, the only option will be to have a new air conditioner installed. However, sometimes it is more cost effective in the long run to invest in an air conditioning replacement than to continue repairing an outdated and inefficient cooling system.

If your Cumming area home has an air conditioning system that is only a few years old, it can still be terribly inefficient by today’s energy efficiency standards. By replacing your system with a new high-efficiency AC unit, you could save up to 60% on your energy bills. Those savings pile up over time, and coupled with the money you’ll save from not having to call for air conditioning repairs so frequently, the new air conditioner will eventually pay for itself. Optimum indoor comfort + energy savings = a great deal!

Not sure if a new system is right for you? Call your Cumming air conditioning contractor at DC Cheek Heating & Cooling today to find out the best course of action for your indoor comfort situation. We’ll provide you with an honest evaluation of your AC system and work with you to ensure you get the air conditioning repairs or new system installation that fits your needs and budget.


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