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Furnace Services in Forsyth County, GA

At DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, one of our core values is to be the best. We believe in going beyond what’s expected of us in everything we do. This is why you can count on our team when you are looking to replace, install, or service your furnace. We work with both gas and electric furnaces, and even provide our own private label for furnace installations and replacements.

Plus, our team is heat exchanger experts certified. This means that when your North 400 Corridor home needs reliable and efficient furnace services, you can count on a team who you know has the expertise and the safety precautions in place to get the job done right the first time. We're the trusted choice for heating services in Forsyth and Fulton Counties. Call our team today to get started!

For your Johns Creek, GA furnace services, contact our team today. Your heating system will be “Fixed, At the Speed of Life!”

Know Your Furnace Installation Options

The two most common types of furnaces seen in homes across Johns Creek and the North 400 Corridor are electric and gas furnaces. A common question HVAC professionals get about these furnaces is in regards to which fuel type is "better" than the other. But the truth is, it depends.

  • Gas Furnaces: These are the most popular types of furnaces on the market—in fact, they’re the most popular heating system on the market. Natural gas is affordable, plentiful, and puts out a lot of heat. One downside to this fuel type is that it doesn’t work for homeowners without access to a natural gas line, which brings us to the electric models.
  • Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces use a large heating coil to generate heat for homes. The benefit of electric furnaces is that they can work in any home that has electrical outlets—which is any home in our area! Additionally, while gas-powered systems are not automatically unsafe, many homeowners choose to go electric for the safety benefits.

Do You Need Professional Furnace Services?

Once a year, you should schedule annual maintenance. This allows our service professionals to fully inspect and clean your Johns Creek furnace. It’s during this appointment that we’ll also make any necessary adjustments, and alert you to repair needs so you can get them on your schedule before an emergency strikes. Ask us about our Total Care Club, which affords you not only comprehensive maintenance from trained professionals, but a number of benefits such as discounts and lifetime warranties on repairs.

Speaking of repairs, do you know signs to look for in a failing furnace? There are a few indicators that you should never ignore, even if you’re extremely diligent about maintenance.

  • Noisy Operation: This could mean a component is loose and may damage other parts of your system. Or, if it’s a booming sound, it could mean your heat exchangers are dirty. This is a problem that afflicts gas-powered systems and should be remedied right away.
  • Loss of Heating Power: There could be something wrong with the heat exchanger, or you may have ductwork damage that is leaking conditioned air into an unoccupied space, such as your attic.
  • Decline in Airflow: This could be something as simple as a clogged air filter that you need to change, or it may be more complicated.

The only way to know for sure if a suspicious symptom from your furnace is dangerous or not is to call in the pros! Contact us today to request an estimate on furnace services in the North Metro area.