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Forsyth County, GA Air Sealing Services

When you hear the term air sealing in regards to your Johns Creek home, you might think of the ductwork snaking its way through your attic, and the potential hidden damage that could be causing conditioned air to escape into unoccupied spaces. This is only part of the equation, though.

You could be losing air through drafty doors and windows, or even cracks anywhere in your home. At DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe in protecting the health and safety of our customers, so we want to make sure you aren’t suffering due to poor air quality. You can count on our team to get to the bottom of any air quality needs for homes throughout the entire North 400 Corridor.

DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the Inside, a product designed to help you save money, breathe healthier air and make your home more comfortable throughout the year. Call us today to learn more about Aeroseal!

Contact us for your air sealing needs in Johns Creek and the surrounding North Metro area—we’ll have your home “Fixed, At the Speed of Life!”

When Should You Schedule Professional Air Sealing?

An important factor to keep in mind is that scheduling air sealing doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll need to go through your entire home and patch up every single nook and cranny. Different problems call for different solutions, and our comprehensive home energy audits help us determine exactly what you need, whether it’s attic air sealing, caulking around a couple drafty windows, and/or weatherstripping around your front and back doors.

Outside of a professional energy audit, how can you tell if you may be in need of air sealing services?

  • You’ve noticed increased energy costs due to heat being gained and lost through air leaks.
  • You have trouble controlling humidity levels, even with a humidifier and dehumidifier in place.
  • You have hot or cold spots popping up in various rooms in your house.
  • You’ve noticed drafts near your door or window frames.
  • You’ve noticed an increase in airborne pollutants in your home.

These are all signs that your Johns Creek home could very well benefit from air sealing.

More About Your Air Sealing Options

When you entrust your professional air sealing services to our team, you’ll know you aren’t being sold something you don’t need. Professional air sealing is a guaranteed way to boost the efficiency of your HVAC systems so that you’re paying as little as possible to both heat and cool your home throughout the year. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach to air sealing a home along the North 400 Corridor. Various options include the following.

  • Caulking: You’ve likely seen a caulking gun before. By allowing us to properly apply caulking to weak spots in your home’s thermal envelope, we can solve heat transfer problems quickly and easily.
  • Weather-Stripping: Similar to caulking, weather-stripping materials help seal up gaps around your doors and windows, to prevent drafts that drain efficiency from your home.
  • Attic Air Sealing: By utilizing the right combination of heat-resistant caulking and insulating material, we can seal your attic effectively, in order to help keep heat in during the winter, and keep it out during the summer. Attic air sealing also helps control humidity!

We’re happy to go over your air sealing options with you—be sure to give our team a call today. Contact us today for indoor air quality services in North Georgia.