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Forsyth County, GA Home Energy Audits

At DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe there is no excuse for mediocrity! We mean this not only about the service we provide, but how well your Johns Creek, GA home performs, as well. Your HVAC and home energy efficiency shouldn’t just be mediocre—they should be exceptional. Without an energy audit, though, you’ll never know where your energy recovery opportunities are, and you could be paying significantly more to use your home comfort systems as a result.

A professional home energy audit allows our expertly trained technicians to provide a thorough assessment of your home to see where air loss is occurring, and where you could be conserving energy better. Once the energy audit is complete, we’re not just going to simply sell you a product and call it a day. We take pride in creating customized, relevant solutions for all of our clients in Johns Creek and along the North 400 Corridor.

To schedule your energy audit and start managing your home energy efficiency more effectively, contact our team—where your energy loss will be “Fixed, At the Speed of Life!”

Why You Need a Home Energy Audit

The only way to know for sure where your home energy efficiency stands with your Johns Creek home is to have an audit done. Our highly experienced and trained service professionals conduct a series of tests in order to determine this. The most notable energy efficiency test is the blower door test—a blower door is a component that fits completely over the opening of your home’s front door. From there, a fan in the blower door lowers the air pressure throughout your living space and enables our pros to quickly pinpoint areas where air is able to flow back through leaks into your home.

Another method to audit home energy efficiency is with the use of infrared cameras. This helps our service pros understand how well your home is insulated—or if it’s insulated well at all. The scanner from this camera picks up temperature fluctuations, which helps us locate areas of energy loss in places that may otherwise escape attention.

Solve Your Energy Efficiency Opportunities With an Audit

Some homeowners may believe this service is only necessary for older residences, but it really doesn’t matter how old the home is. You need to know whether your living space is providing you with fully efficient comfort—and if it’s not, if it’s your HVAC system and ductwork to blame, or if it’s something about your home. Aside from your climate control systems, energy efficiency opportunities can come from poor insulation, and other appliances that haven’t been upgraded over the years, or even an error in home construction or a remodel.

But even brand new homes might need a home energy audit. You might have made purchases to improve your home’s efficiency in recent years—maybe double-paned windows or high efficiency HVAC systems. This doesn’t mean much, though, if you have significant air leaks in your attic that you weren’t even aware of, or insufficient insulation throughout your home. An energy audit allows us to look at your home as a whole, rather than one component here or there.