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Repiping Services in Forsyth County, GA

At DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe in always doing what’s best for our customers. So, when something is wrong with your plumbing system, we’ll be honest. Whether a small, quick pipe repair is the answer or whole house repiping is a better solution, we’ll let you know. Among our core beliefs is that there is no excuse for mediocrity. We mean this in the service we provide to homeowners throughout Johns Creek, GA and the North 400 Corridor, but we also mean you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre performance with your plumbing system.

But if you need repiping done and haven’t invested in such a service yet, then you may very well be getting mediocre performance from your pipes. Fortunately, you needn’t look very far for highly experienced and trained professionals. Work with our Johns Creek plumbers for repiping services in North Georgia.

Contact our team to learn more about our repiping services. We’ll make sure your plumbing system is “Fixed, At the Speed of Life!”

Why You Might Need to Replace Old Plumbing Pipes in Your Home

It’s easy to dismiss the need for repiping. Aren’t the plumbing pipes in your home indestructible? They are made from sturdy metal, after all. However, not all metal pipes are created equal. Older piping material such as cast iron and galvanized steel tend to corrode and decay over the years. Even modern copper piping is not immune and can corrode due to chemical reactions with the water. The best way to overcome this is, in many cases, with whole-house repiping.

Remember, the only plumbers you should trust for a job of this caliber are professionals with extensive training, experience, and licensing for your area along the North 400 Corridor. Customers in the Johns Creek, GA area have been trusting us for over 20 years, and we look forward to serving you. If you suspect you may need repiping, we’ll be happy to discuss it. We might recommend partial repiping if old plumbing is not the issue, or we could suggest whole-house repiping done with durable plumbing pipes like CPVC and PEX. Whatever the case, you can rely on our team for a job well done.

Partial vs. Whole-House Repiping

We don’t always recommend whole-house repiping. We could recommend this to every customer who calls us for plumbing repairs, but that wouldn’t be productive if it’s really not what you need! Sometimes, partial repiping is all that’s needed to get a section of your plumbing system back in top shape. However, if you have an older home with cast iron or galvanized steel piping, then whole-house repiping probably is necessary.

Fortunately, when our team takes on whole-house repiping jobs for our Johns Creek, GA customers, we do it as quickly as possible, with little disruption to your living space. Once we’ve finished, you’ll have a brand new plumbing system that will last for decades—benefiting you not only now but in the future should you decide to sell your home.

Reliable Plumbing and Repiping Services From Our Team

Aside from knowing the signs that you have a plumbing problem, how else can you fend off problems with your plumbing pipes that may lead to repiping services? Well, by scheduling annual routine maintenance. Through our Total Care Club, customers receive one plumbing tune-up each year, which includes ensuring the proper operation and design of your plumbing system.

It’s at this time we’ll discover if you have any needs for plumbing repair or new pipe installation. Whatever the case is, your plumbing system will work more efficiently with routine maintenance, plus you’ll receive discounts on repairs and a lifetime warranty on those repairs when you trust our team for the job.