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Sewer Line Services in Forsyth County, GA

There is no plumbing problem we can think of that could possibly be less pleasant and more unhygienic than that of a cracked or clogged sewer line. So our team here at DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing would like to help you avoid that!

Our expert plumbers have been working with customers in Johns Creek and along the North 400 Corridor for over 20 years. We treat all our customers like family and want to protect their health and safety. One way we do this is by providing exceptional sewer line installation and replacements, as well as quality repairs and thorough maintenance.

Contact us today for expert sewer line services in Johns Creek and the surrounding North Metro area. We’ll get your sewer line “Fixed, At the Speed of Life!”

Are You in Need of Sewer Line Services?

There are a number of problems that might impact a sewer line over the years—particularly if you’ve been in your home for a few decades. Tree roots can seek out fresh sources of water and therefore infiltrate the sewer line, which will result in holes and potential ruptures in the line, leading to sewer replacement. Or you might have a clogged sewer line because of waste buildup in your drainpipes that has accumulated down in the main pipe.

Another possibility of course, is that you’re constructing a new home and you need a brand new sewer line installed. Whatever your sewer line service needs are, we are the team you can trust in the Johns Creek, GA area and surrounding communities.

Know the Signs of Sewer Line Troubles

It’s not always easy to recognize that a sewer line might need to be repaired or replaced. It’s buried beneath your Johns Creek property, after all. There are, however, a few warning signs you can watch out for.

  • Foul Odors: It stands to reason that a leaking or cracked sewer line will emit some rather bad smells. If you detect the smell of sewage in your home or property, reach out to our team right away as you may need professional sewer pipe repair.
  • Lush Patches on Your Lawn: A leaking sewer line can fertilize your yard, and as a result you may notice greener grass in some areas.
  • Slow Drains Throughout the House: This typically means that water is having trouble draining due to a clog deep within your sewer line. One or two drains is probably just an issue with that small section of plumbing. But if it’s multiple drains, it’s definitely cause for concern.

We Perform Main Sewer Relining

Our professional technicians are here for you should you need sewer relining. We understand how vital your sewer system is. This job is well worth it if you have cracked, leaking, or backed-up sewer lines. We’re here when you want the best service available. We’re always honest, we prioritize your health and safety, and we make sure to provide you with vital work like relining fast.

Your Trusted Resource for Sewer Line Services

Your sewer line is an integral part of your home, even though you probably don’t think about it too much. When you hire the right team of plumbers to manage this plumbing component, you won’t need to think about it too much at all. Taking care of your plumbing system with routine tune-ups is the best way to avoid potentially expensive, frustrating, or unhygienic problems with your sewer line.

DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers comprehensive sewer line services all along the North 400 Corridor, whether you’re looking for sewer line replacement, a plumbing tune-up, or sewer repair. Contact our team today to discuss your sewer line needs.