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Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is So Important


When something is stopping up a drain in your home, don’t you wish you had x-ray vision and could simply see through the pipes? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see exactly what is causing the clog, and where it is, so that you could target it precisely and make sure you’ve cleared it away completely? Especially when a clog is deeper in your plumbing, so you can’t easily dislodge it with a plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake, wouldn’t it be miraculous to see the inside your pipes?

Well, when you hire high-tech professional plumbers for drain cleaning in Johns Creek, GA, they can do exactly that! Video pipe inspection, a method of inserting a thin flexible line with a tiny camera on the end, is just one of the reasons why having your drains cleaned by a professional rather than an amateur is so important.

Here are some of the many other reasons why you should always seek professional plumbing help when you’re experiencing clogged drains.

Big Picture Thinking

Rather than simply unclogging one spot where your blockage is the worst, a professional plumber has the whole-system knowledge and experience to ask some vital questions and get to the actual root of the problem.

How often do your drains clog? Does it happen in multiple drains throughout the house? Do you have foul odors wafting up from your drains? Do you have any new soggy areas in your yard? Or places where the grass grows extra thick and green? A professional plumber can assess the state of your whole plumbing system, including the sewer pipe which carries all your wastewater away from your house. 

More Powerful Tools

We’ve mentioned video pipe inspection, which is not something you’ll be able to do at home with a tool you pick up at the hardware store. We also use motorized drain augers, which are like your hand-cranked drain snakes, but much more effective. Another tool that you can’t get at the hardware store is a hydro-jetting machine. This pressurizes water, so we can send it all the way through to your sewer pipe and clear out everything that’s slowing down your drains.

Safe and Healthy Plumbing Care

It’s sadly common for people to purchase bottles of liquid drain cleaner and pour them into their home plumbing. This is a terrible solution. These products are made of caustic chemicals that can burn your skin and eyes and irritate your lungs with their fumes. They can also do damage to the interior of your pipes! And after all that, they don’t do a great job clearing drains anyway. With hydro jetting, your drains can be cleared with nothing but water. Water won’t damage your skin, eyes, lungs, or plumbing, and it’s absolutely safe for the environment, too. It’s so simple and effective that we recommend preventative drain cleaning once a year, to make sure that you’re never caught by surprise by a nasty clog again. 

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