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If Your Heater Won’t Make It Through Winter, What Should You Replace It With?

Monday, January 8th, 2024

There are times in life when we’re faced with big questions. Sometimes, that question is: Can I have my heating system repaired or is it time to replace it? And then, once that question is resolved—either the heating system is beyond repair, or it would cost so much that it simply isn’t worth investing all that money in an old heater—you’re immediately faced with another question.

When you do need to replace your heater, what should you replace it with? Have heating system technologies changed since you last had to purchase one? What heating system options are currently available? Which ones are good choices for this climate, for your home, for your family’s needs, or for your budget? 

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Do You Know What Size Heater You Need?

Monday, February 10th, 2020

We’re going to make an assumption here and say that if you’re reading this blog at the time of its publishing, you’re scrambling to find a new heater and don’t have any time to waste. The coldest of our weather is upon us, and all you want to do is rush out and get the most affordable heater you can find, and have just anyone install it so you can get your home comfort back, right?

Choosing to skip professional installation, however, can be a big mistake. Trusting an amateur or trying to do the installation on your own can lead to comfort issues, efficiency problems, and even safety hazards. One other problem that most people don’t think about because they don’t even realize it’s a problem is getting the wrong size furnace or heat pump. Read on to learn more!

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