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No, You Should Never Try to Fix Your Furnace on Your Own—Here’s Why


When something goes wrong with your heating system, it often happens just when you need your heat the most. You want it fixed right away, and ideally, you would like that fix to be free. And hey, you’re a handy homeowner, inclined toward DIY projects. Maybe you can fix your furnace yourself!

We’ll stop you right there. Don’t do it. Here are some of the many reasons to trust a professional for furnace repair. 

Your Safety

Repairing a gas furnace without the proper training creates major safety risks. There are immediate risks, the most severe of which would be an explosion. There are also delayed risks, such as a seemingly successful repair resulting in a slow leak of gas or carbon monoxide. Any of these could be lethal or extremely dangerous to you and your family. 

Working on an electric furnace also poses both immediate and delayed risks. In the moment, you could electrocute yourself. If you think you’ve repaired the furnace correctly but there’s a problem with the wiring, your home will be in serious danger of an electrical fire at some point in the future. And because gas furnaces also have electrical components, these risks are present when working on a gas furnace as well.

Legal Ramifications

In most jurisdictions, it’s illegal for someone without the proper licensing to work on gas lines or gas-burning appliances. Will you be arrested if you approach your furnace with a toolbox in hand? Probably not. But if you do something that causes damage, you’ll be held liable. This means your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover any mishaps or disasters.

Warranty Compliance

As long as an appliance is under warranty, the manufacturer will take responsibility for certain problems or costs that may crop up. For example, if a component fails sooner than it should, the manufacturer may pay to repair it. If the entire appliance fails early, the manufacturer may replace it. When it comes to a costly appliance like a furnace, warranty coverage could save you a lot of money.

In warranty agreements, there’s almost always a clause specifying who may perform maintenance or repairs on the appliance. The people qualified to do so have training, licensing, and insurance. If you attempt DIY repairs, you’ll be voiding that warranty. 

Professional Furnace Repair

When you need furnace repair in Alpharetta, GA, always rely on a professional technician. We’re the ones with the experience to get the job done right the first time. We’ll maintain your warranty coverage and prevent you from breaking any laws. And because of our specialized training, we know how to perform repairs without any safety risks to ourselves, you, or your home.

And do remember that prompt repair can make all the difference. If you’ve only got a small concern, getting it cleared up right away will keep it from turning into a much bigger problem down the road. 

To speak with a member of our team, contact DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today. Fixed, At the Speed of Life!

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