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Is It Too Late to Tune-Up Your Heater?


The short answer to this is, “the only time it’s too late for a heating maintenance session is if your heater is broken down beyond repair.” Okay, that wasn’t that short of an answer, but you get the gist.

Here’s the thing, you know that it’s not going to get as frigid cold here, but our winters do get chilly enough to want a great working heater that we don’t have to pay a lot to use, right? Well, the only way to ensure this is this case is by properly caring for your heater, and that includes scheduling routine maintenance.

Sure, it’s a little late in the fall season to have maintenance done. But what matters more than the time of year you have maintenance done is how consistently you have it done. For a furnace or boiler system, we recommend you have annual tune-ups completed for your system. For 2-in-1 heat pumps, we recommend this service every 6 months. Read on as we uncover the numerous benefits of this service!

Save On Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of keeping up on your heating tune-ups is the energy savings you’ll get as a result. Annual, or biannual, heating maintenance simply sets your heater up for success.

When you trust our technicians to come out to do this job, your heater will be in the best working condition possible, and ready to operate as efficiently as possible. This means your heater will cost you less money to run from month to month.

Improved Comfort

While we aren’t exactly living in artic conditions in the winter time, the cold weather still packs quite the punch. You want to ensure that you have the best heating service available for your family, right? This is easy to do so long as your heating system is properly cared for.

Having one of our techs come to your home on a regular basis ensures this is the case. You won’t have to worry about a sudden unexpected breakdown or extensive repair trouble when you trust our team for the job.

Longer System Lifespan

When you invest in routine maintenance, you can count on your system actually lasting to the end of its lifespan. Most heaters are designed to last about 10-15 years. Maintenance helps the system work more efficiently, helps resist wear and tear for longer, and helps you stay on top of any small repair needs that might come up. All of this allows your heater to actually reach that estimated lifespan. Without maintenance, this lifespan could potentially be cut in half.

Keep the Warranty Up-to-Date

Did you know that skipping professional maintenance could void your HVAC system warranty? Most manufacturers require that you have your system professionally tuned up every year (or every 6 months). That way, if a manufacturer defect causes your heater to fail, they are financially liable for it, not you.

But if you try to repair or tune-up a furnace on your own and make a mistake, you can be on the line for those repairs, even if it was a manufacturer fault to blame.

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