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Harness the Power of UV Rays for Better Home Performance

When you think of home performance, you likely think of how efficient your home comfort systems are—things like your air conditioner, water heater, and even your lighting. These are all, of course, important components to home performance, but what about your indoor air quality?

After all, the air quality in your home is about much more than simply the temperature—it’s about whether your air is actually healthy or not.

One method to ensure good indoor air quality is with the installation of a UV (ultraviolet) air purifier installation.

“Wait, Is that Safe?”

Yes! We understand the skepticism, though. After all, we’ve been told all of our lives that UV rays are bad for us, and that when we go in the sun we need to protect ourselves with sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Fortunately, the installation of a UV air purifier does not mean you need to walk around your house sporting your summer shades.

The level of radiation from a UV air purifier is absolutely harmless to people and pets, but destroys single-cell microorganisms such as mold and mildew. And guess where mold and mildew likes to grow? In cool and damp areas, like your air conditioner’s air ducts!

“Okay, So How Do They Work?”

Also referred to as UV germicidal lights or UV lights, a UV air purifier is comprised of bulbs that resemble “black lights” that you see at concerts and amusement parks to make your white clothing glow.

They work by attacking the DNA of biological contaminants and the life-sustaining proteins that keep these cells alive. Once these cells are eliminated, UV lights prevent them from replicating. So not only are they effectively eradicated, you won’t have to worry about them later on!

Still Not Convinced?

With the installation of a UV air purifier, you’ll improve your indoor air quality quite substantially. We likely don’t have to tell you that mold is unhealthy for you and your family to breathe in. In addition to the foul odor it emits, it can have a serious negative impact of the health of anyone with allergies or asthma. In fact, even if you don’t suffer from these specific ailments, you may still find yourself having a reaction.

UV air purifiers help homeowners stop mold growth right at the source, and unobtrusively. As we mentioned above, UV lights are installed right into your ductwork, where they’re positioned over your evaporator coil, and from there use an anti-microbial effect to eliminate mold, mildew, and other unwelcomed biohazards that may be growing in your system.

UV lights are just one of the options we have when it comes to air cleaning and air purification. It’s important to remember that not every home requires this type of system, and not every system can effectively solve your indoor air quality problems alone—you may need a combination of 2 or more air quality systems to achieve healthy air in your home.

Please reach out to our team to learn more about our various air filter and air purifier options for North Georgia residents. We will help you make an informed decision.

At DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we always provide customized, relevant solutions for our customers. Contact us today!  

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