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4 Sounds You Never Want to Hear Your AC Make


When your AC is working correctly, it will do so relatively quietly. That is how an efficient and well-tuned AC is supposed to be. After all, you bought it for peace and comfort.

However, when it starts making weird noises, then you should be concerned. You should try to get to the root of the problem quickly and have the AC repaired before the problem gets worse. This will help you avoid a breakdown during Suwanee’s hot summer months. 

Professional AC repair in Suwanee GA will also ensure that the AC is working efficiently, which can help you bring down your utility bills.

With that in mind, here are four kinds of sounds that are a telltale sign that something is wrong with your AC unit.


If you hear a sort of grinding sound coming from the HVAC unit, that can indicate an issue with the motor.

This happens naturally over time due to wear and tear. Another reason can be that the motor has accumulated too much dust, or has lost the lubricating oil. 

The problem should not develop if you get the unit maintained every year by a professional. In case your HVAC does develop this problem, then make sure to call an AC repair service quickly before the problem gets worse.


Another common symptom of a problem is a hissing or bubbling sound from the AC. Hissing is generally caused due to a refrigerant leak. 

Refrigerant is a chemical substance that runs inside the condensing unit and is responsible for the whole cooling process. If it is leaking from the HVAC, the unit will become inefficient and will not cool your home properly.

If the problem is not fixed over a long period of time, other parts can also get damaged until you get a full system failure. Ignoring the hissing sound is not advised.


A banging sound is not good either. This noise indicates that some component inside the HVAC has come loose and is hitting against the metal sheets.

The problem could be small, like a loose nut or bolt, or it could be something larger, such as a dislodged motor mount. Whatever is causing the noise, it shouldn’t be ignored for long as it could cause much bigger issues with the HVAC down the road.


The rattling noise is similar to the banging sound. The difference is that the rattling is not too loud, but it does occur more frequently.

The rattling noise is generally caused due to problems with the blower fan belt or bent fan blades. It can also occur if your AC cabinet starts coming loose from the slab.

That being said, you may always hear a slight rattling noise when your air conditioner cycles on and off. This may be your ductwork expanding and contracting with the temperature fluctuations. As long as this noise doesn’t change–get louder or more frequent–then you likely don’t need to worry.

If you’re ever concerned, however, it’s never a bad idea to call our pros!

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