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AC Myths to Ignore


There are some pretty common AC myths out there—are you believing them? And does it matter?

As for the latter question, yes, it matters. It matters because believing these myths could lead you to use your air conditioner inefficiently. When you use your cooling system inefficiently, you pay more than you should have to in order to keep cool and comfortable in your own home. You don’t want that, right?

Well then read on as we uncover just a few of the most common AC myths out there.

Myth #1: “I Don’t Need Professionals to Install My Air Conditioner?”

Well, you don’ need a professional to install your air conditioner if it’s a window unit. Or if you don’t care about having a system that may not perform as cost-effectively as possible.

The thing about trusting a professional for your AC installation is that you’re trusting someone who has spent years getting trained and educated on the various types of systems and nuances of working with them, in addition to years of experience that a general handyman or enthusiastic “DIYer” just won’t have.

Professionals understand how to remove your old air conditioner without damaging anything in the process, properly hook up your electrical system and ductwork without causing safety issues or damage, and how to test the system to make sure it’s operating at it’s best.

Myth #2: “Bigger Is Better”

This one is definitely not true when it comes to air conditioning systems! It makes sense if you think this way—a bigger air conditioner is more powerful, right?

Well, yes. But your air conditioner can be too powerful! What happens when an air conditioner is too big for the space in which it’s installed is it begins to rapidly cycle on and off, without ever completing a full cooling cycle. This process is called short-cycling and it accelerates wear and tear on the air conditioner, which can lead to premature replacement needs.

Myth #3: “Cheaper Is Better”

Sure, it’s always nice to spend less money on something that traditionally costs a lot! But you know that saying, “you get what you pay for”? This rings very true when it comes to air conditioning. Unfortunately, in many cases if an AC installation or service is cheaper than the majority of companies are offering, you’re probably not getting the best service you could.

“But as long as my air conditioner is fixed, who cares?”

You might care, when you realize that the “fix” only lasted a few months and you have to call in another HVAC pro shortly after, and spend even more. Plus, you could be stuck with a system that’s working inefficiently and therefore costing you more than it should month to month just to operate.

Cheaper is not always better, unless the company is offering a promotion or deal! Be sure to reach out to our team to learn about our current offerings.

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