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Is Your AC Ready for Summer? Professional Maintenance Will Do the Job!


How gorgeous is springtime in Georgia? It’s pretty spectacular. But don’t get so caught up in enjoying the season that you forget how soon the summer heat is coming! You don’t want to get hit with high temperatures when you’re not ready. How do you prepare for another long, hot Georgia summer? With professional air conditioner maintenance, of course! Here’s what you need to know.

Dust Is Your Enemy

Step one of AC maintenance is cleaning. All parts of your air conditioner need to have a year’s worth of accumulated dust and grime removed. Having this mess inside your AC unit or coating the refrigerant coils can cause huge problems. It’s like blankets of insulation, preventing the refrigerant from absorbing heat to cool your home and holding in the heat that the blower motor generates, which can even lead to wires fusing together.

The condensate pan and drain also need to be cleaned. When moisture lingers in those places, unpleasant things can start to grow. Bacteria, algae, or mold are smelly, and not good for your respiratory system. They can also clog that condensate drain and lead to an overflowing pan and water damage.

Lubrication Is Your Friend

Air conditioners have moving parts, and wherever components touch each other as they move, there’s friction. Each year, you must have these parts re-lubricated or the friction will increase to levels that are terrible for the air conditioner. Friction causes heat, and overheating can damage components or cause your AC to shut down automatically to preserve itself. And friction also forces the unit to use more energy, driving up your utility bills.

Every Part of the System Is Essential

We might offhandedly say something like, the compressor is the most critical part of the air conditioner. But every part is essential to proper AC operation. During maintenance, your technician will inspect every component to make sure it is in good condition, in correct alignment, and not in need of adjustment, repair, or replacement.

Electrical Components Require Testing

To make sure you’re not using excess electricity, causing damage to components, or creating a fire hazard by running your air conditioner, the electrical parts of the system need to be tested. Is the blower fan motor pulling the right amperage? Are wires connected securely? Is your thermostat accurately calibrated? Your technician will run tests and make any necessary adjustments.

Don’t Forget Your Air Filter

Your technician will also change your AC air filter. But you should be changing it, too! This needs to be done monthly during the heat of the summer. When you’re using the unit less, you can change it less often, but don’t let it go more than three months.

Whether you have a question about air filters, want to schedule routine maintenance, or you find that something is wrong and you need air conditioner repair in Johns Creek, GA, we’re always happy to help.

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