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How Long Does AC Installation Take?


Spring is the perfect time of year to schedule the installation of your new AC system. It’ll be in place and up and running right when you need it, and you’ll be able to enjoy the remarkable effectiveness and efficiency of a brand-new air conditioner all summer long. 

If it’s been quite a while since you’ve had an air conditioner installed, or if perhaps you’re a new homeowner and haven’t been through this before, it might be helpful for you to have more information. We can tell you all about the process of AC installation and how long you should expect it to take, and give you some helpful tips.

The AC Installation Process

If there are any additional steps required for your installation, your contractor will make that clear to you well in advance. One of the main reasons for this to happen is if there are concerns about your ductwork. A home that’s never had ducts will need them installed, for example, or badly damaged sections of duct might need to be replaced before your installation.

When the day arrives for the installation of the AC units themselves, your installers will introduce themselves, get the lay of the land so they’re clear on where everything is and what challenges they may encounter, and talk you through their specific plan. But when it comes to AC installation, the basic steps will be the same in almost all situations.

First, the old units need to be removed. Then the new units need to be put in place and connected. To make sure all is well, the system will be turned on and allowed to run for a bit. Any mess will be tidied up, any questions will be answered, and you’ll be provided with the owner’s manual.

How Long AC Installation Takes

It’s only in situations with the sort of extra steps outlined above when your AC installation might not all be able to happen on the same day. Otherwise, you should anticipate a day-long process. It can take as long as eight hours. However, you might get lucky and have everything go extra-smoothly. Sometimes the entire installation can be done in as little as four hours.

Streamlining the Process

We’ve got some tips that could help you make your installation go more smoothly and quickly. Keep in mind that any extra time spent on preparing the area around the units will increase the length of the installation process. So do everything you can beforehand, and your technicians will have a quick and easy job to do!

Start by considering things like where the truck will be parked, which door should be used to bring the indoor unit through, and what path will be taken to access the outdoor unit. Then make sure that all these areas are clear of obstacles. Move anything you can to make it smooth and easy for your installers to carry these large appliances in and out.

Then make sure there’s plenty of space to work around where the units are. For the indoor unit, this might mean scooting furniture aside. For the outdoor unit, it could include raking debris and trimming shrubs. Finally, just before your appointment time, put your pets away in a separate room of the house so they won’t be underfoot.

If you have any questions about air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA that we haven’t addressed here, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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