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Signs Your Ductless AC System Needs Repair


When something goes wrong with a complex system, whether it’s your air conditioner, your heating system, or your car, getting it repaired promptly can make a big difference. After all, if you keep driving with a tire that’s getting flatter and flatter, you’ll eventually damage the rim and perhaps more. So when your ductless AC system needs repair, it’s important to notice right away.

However, you might not know what to look for when it comes to an air conditioner at all, let alone a ductless one. We’d like to help you out with that. We’ll tell you the signs to be alert for, so that if you do have a problem with your ductless AC system that requires repair, you’ll know right away.


Here’s something else that’s true of your heating system and your car as well as your air conditioner: many problems cause strange and surprising noises. If you hear anything other than the usual sounds of proper operation from your ductless air conditioner, you should reach out for help from a qualified technician right away.

Buzzing or clicking could indicate an electrical problem. Hissing or bubbling often means that refrigerant is leaking from the AC coils. Rattling or clattering can be caused by loose or off-kilter components that need to be tightened back into place. Grinding and groaning might come from worn-out bearings in a blower fan motor. And a banging sound might be the system hard-starting, requiring a new capacitor.


Unpleasant odors are never a good sign. Your air conditioner shouldn’t produce any smells whatsoever. A hot, dusty smell could be an overheating motor. A smell like burning plastic or fish can occur from an electrical fire. An odor of sweet chemicals is probably a refrigerant leak. And if you notice a mildew smell, or something sour and vinegary, mold or bacteria is growing somewhere.

Poor Performance

Uneven cooling, insufficient cooling, or the system starting and stopping too often are all signs that you require AC repair. And even if your system is making your home comfortable enough, you should not see sharply rising electric bills. This is another sign of poor performance: your air conditioner might be getting the job done, but it’s working too hard and using too much energy in the process.


The biggest issue that is more of a concern with ductless systems than with ducted ones is moisture. This is because each air handler has its own refrigerant coils, its own condensation accumulating, and thus its own condensate pan and drain. If these are blocked and overflowing, or if they leak, you’ll see water staining on the wall or notice drops of water. This can do a lot of damage! Get help right away.

When you need AC repair in Suwanee, GA, don’t delay or postpone. Prompt AC service can keep your problem small and easy to repair. Continuing to run your air conditioner while it’s struggling can make your problem much worse.

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