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A Noisy AC is a Suffering AC: What to Know

Summer is progressing right along, and we’re all using our air conditioners on a regular basis. That said, your air conditioning system goes through a lot this season and beyond, accumulating wear and tear faster than air conditioners in other parts of the country. This means it could potentially require more repairs.

To avoid the biggest, most sudden, and costliest of these AC repair needs, we implore you to schedule maintenance at least once a year for your air conditioner. During this service, our professionals will fully inspect, clean, and adjust your system to ensure its efficient performance. With or without maintenance, however, if your cooling system is making noises you don’t recognize, it’s time to call in a pro. What noises, in particular, should you pay attention to?

Hissing or “Bubbling”

Some describe this sound we’re about to describe as hissing, others call it bubbling or even gurgling. Pretty much, any noise that sounds like air escaping from somewhere along your AC, is not a good sign. It indicates that air bubbles are somewhere in your system where they shouldn’t be. It’s probably in your refrigerant line, which means you have a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant leaks are more severe of a problem than you might realize, because they deprive your AC system of the fluid it needs to cool your home. As the refrigerant level in the cooling system drops, so too does its ability to cool your home. Eventually, the refrigerant level drops low enough that the AC system can’t sustain operation, and will malfunction and break down. Be sure to call for repairs as soon as you hear this noise.


The air handler of your air conditioner is the component responsible for circulating air throughout your home while the system is in operation. The air handler motor is put under a lot of strain while the system is working, so to help it cope, the system has a number of oiled bearings.

Eventually, however, these bearings wear down and the friction on the air handler motor increases. This can cause the motor to emit a grinding noise while the system is operating. If you hear this sound, it’s definitely time to call for repairs. The bearings will need to be replaced before your cooling system overheats and burns out.


Short-cycling is when the air conditioning system turns itself on and off every few minutes, rather than completing a full cooling cycle. It’s typically the result of an electrical problem in the system. Short-cycling prevents the AC system from providing adequate cooling, and also accelerates wear and tear in the system.

If the short-cycling goes on for too long, your air conditioning system will be more likely to break down in other was, shortening its lifespan. If you hear your air conditioner rapidly turning on and off, be sure to call our pros!

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