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Tips for Boosting Your Cooling System Efficiency


If you are hoping to decrease your utility bills or limit energy use for the sake of the environment, there are ways to do that while still keeping cool when it’s too hot outside. Regularly scheduled professional maintenance is critical: a technician can keep your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible and spot any problems before they lead to major increases in your bills and your energy use. And don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns about your AC unit, or if you need AC service in Johns Creek, GA. But there are some ways that you can make sure you get the most out of your air conditioner and be kind to your wallet and your planet without sacrificing your comfort.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

In an AC unit, the air filter collects all the dust and contaminants from the air that flows through it. As these particles build up, they allow less and less air through the filter, and thus through the air conditioner. Keeping the filter clean means not wasting energy trying to pull air through a messy clog. Some air conditioner filters can be wiped clean and some are disposable, but either way, the AC unit will function best if it never goes more than three months between filter changes. The filter should be changed more often if you’re concerned about dust, pet hair, or pollen. 

Turn Up the Thermostat

The purpose of air conditioning is to keep you cool, so it might seem like odd advice to turn the temperature up. But many people leave their air conditioners running at the same setting even when they are out or asleep. And you may be in the habit of keeping the temperature lower than what you actually require to feel perfectly comfortable. Consider adjusting your thermostat when you won’t be feeling the benefits of all that cool air. And when you are home, try turning the temperature just two degrees higher. If, after a few hours, you’re still feeling plenty cool, try turning it up just two more degrees. You may find that instead of using extra energy to keep your house at 70 or 72 degrees, you are perfectly happy at 76 or 78.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

When the temperature isn’t too sweltering, your ceiling fans might be all you require. On a warmer day, with the air conditioning running, those ceiling fans can help you maximize the comfort you get from that AC. First, check which way your ceiling fan is set to turn. There is a small switch on it that changes the direction the blades rotate. When it is set to turn counterclockwise, it pulls air upward, helping you to feel a cool breeze and helping to circulate the air from your AC unit so that it can cool the whole house evenly without using as much energy.

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