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Why Your AC Is Leaking Water and What to Do About It


Any sort of leaking water in your home should always be taken seriously. Repairing water damage can be costly, and mold remediation is, too—and mold is always delighted to grow in places that stay damp. You might be prepared for pipes to leak and ready to call a plumber at the first sign of dripping water. But not all water leaks are actually plumbing issues. What if water is leaking from your air conditioner? Where is the water coming from? What’s wrong with your AC, and how can you fix it? We’ve got the answers.

Why There Is Water in Air Conditioners

You know that there are coiled tubes running through your AC system, but those are not full of water. They’re full of refrigerant. So why would it start leaking water? Well, it is because of those refrigerant coils. Just like a glass of cold sweet tea, the icy temperature of the refrigerant causes moisture to be drawn out of the air. The moisture clings to the coils in droplets, just as it would on your cold glass. 

Where the Water Should Be Going

Since this process of condensation is natural and inevitable, there is a system in place that should be safely conducting the moisture out of your home. The water should drip into the condensate pan, which is quite shallow but has a drain with a line that flows out of your home to release the water where it won’t do any damage. Many models of air conditioner even have condensate pumps, which ensure that the water is pumped out of the pan.

Where Your System Is Going Wrong

Clearly, if water is leaking out and causing drips and puddles in your home, something has gone wrong with this system! There are three main possibilities.

  • A Drain Clog: A small drain leading to a narrow line for the condensate to flow down can easily be blocked. This could be from dust or debris that has fallen into the condensate pan, or it could be from algae or mold growing in the moist environment. This will lead to the pan overflowing.
  • A Pump Failure: If your air conditioner has a condensate pump, and the motor for that pump has burned out, the water will not flow down the condensate line as well as it should. This will also lead to the pan overflowing. An overflowing pan should trigger the system to shut down, so if your air conditioner is leaking and also shutting itself off, one of these first two possibilities is likely.
  • A Disconnected Drainage Line: If the condensate pan’s drain and the line that carries the moisture away become disconnected, water can leak directly out the drain hole and into your home. Because the condensate pan is not overflowing, the system will not know to shut itself down. The most likely cause of this disconnection is corrosion.

Prompt Repairs Make All the Difference

Don’t delay in getting an AC tune-up in Alpharetta, GA. Leaks can cause major damage to your floors or the wall that is supporting your air conditioner. Pooling moisture can destroy electrical components in the air conditioner itself. A qualified technician can determine which of these potential issues caused your leakage problem and get it repaired ASAP, so you can stop worrying about puddles and start enjoying your cool home during the rest of the summer.

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