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Why You Need a Professional for That Drain Clog


Blurp. Blurp. Blurp. 

Bubbles rise slowly to the top of the pooled water above a clogged drain to burst defiantly in your face. Stopped-up drains are a huge pain in the neck, especially the ones that are almost completely sealed off. It can feel like a Herculean effort to get it cleared out again.

To save money, many people turn to commercial drain cleaners or DIY solutions to clear the drain. However, some of these methods do more harm than good and some just plain won’t work. 

Sometimes, the only good way to clear a drain is to call a professional for help. Check out the main reasons why you need a professional to clear out your clogged drain.

The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners seem like a godsend to many frustrated homeowners. Whenever you have a clog, all you have to do is dump a bit of drain cleaner down the drain, and voila! Problem solved!

Unfortunately, there are hidden dangers that accompany using these products. 

The first issue is the damage these harsh chemicals cause to your pipes. They can eat away at the lining of the pipes and cause them to wear out much faster, which means big plumbing replacement bills on the horizon. 

The second issue is the damage to the environment. Have you ever read the list of warnings that come with drain cleaners? From skin irritation and chemical burns to vision problems, vomiting, and chest pain, there are a lot of horrible symptoms these products can provoke. 

It doesn’t take much to imagine what the chemicals will do to fish or other animals they come into contact with. And yes, everything that you throw down the drain eventually makes it out in the ecosystem. 

The Limitations of DIY Solutions

Baking soda and vinegar mixes are excellent solutions for some types of drain clogs. The fizzing action caused by mixing a base and an acid can be enough to break up the clog. The suction created by plungers is also a great way to dislodge some clogs. Finally, it’s simple to make a homemade drain snake from an old wire coat hanger to fish out hair clogs and the like. 

However, none of these solutions offer success 100% of the time. Each technique works with certain types of clogs, but not all of them. And some clogs are just plain impossible to clear out through DIY means. 

The Best Way to Clear a Drain Clog

Where do you turn when DIY solutions fail? 

To the only solution that will work 100% of the time — call a professional to clear your drains! Pro plumbers have a plethora of tools at their fingertips including CCTV cameras, professional drain snakes, and hydro jets. They can figure out what type of drain clog you have and the best way to clear it. 

Looking for drain cleaning help?

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