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Common Heating System Repair Needs to Be Aware Of


Heating services are important no matter where you live. No matter how briefly you need your heater, you need it to work well, right?

Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, you want to keep a close eye on its performance so that you know if and when it’s time to call in a professional for service. Of course, you can prevent the majority of repairs with routine maintenance—85% of repairs, actually! But they could still happen. Read on to learn more!

Loose Wires

Are you one of the many homeowners who have an electric furnace in the home? There’s good news! Electric furnaces have far fewer repair needs over their service life than gas furnaces do. However, they do have specific problems, like if wires become loose due to the shaking of the air handler.

A loose wire can cause a short and trip a circuit breaker—this is what happens in most cases. However, electrical issues are never something to mess with as they do have the potential to create a fire hazard. If you’re constantly resetting the circuit breaker to your electric furnace, then it’s time to get the system.

Broken Sequencer

A broken sequencer is another repair issue that is unique to electric furnaces. The sequencer is the component that staggers the activation of the various electric heating elements within the furnace, so that they don’t all come on at once and overload your electrical panel.

If this sequencer malfunctions or breaks down, not all the heating elements will turn on. Or, they won’t turn on at all. This means your furnace simply will not be able to heat!

A Failed Electronic Ignition System

This can actually impact an electric or a gas-powered furnace system. That’s right—modern gas furnaces don’t all use a standing pilot light anymore to ignite the burners. Instead, there is an electronic ignition system within them that creates a spark to light the burners, or heat up filaments like inside a lightbulb.

This ignition system can fail (like a lightbulb) and the furnace’s safety switch will stop the burners from coming on. If your gas furnace simply won’t turn on, the ignition system could definitely be to blame. Give us a call so we can diagnose the issue and replace the ignition switch if needed.

Loss of Connection to the Thermostat

This can happen to either an electric or gas-powered furnace. It can also happen with your air conditioner or heat pump system! There are a set of wires that run from the thermostat to your furnace to activate the burners when the temperature drops below what you have it set to. If the connection to the electric board is lost, though, the thermostat won’t be able to signal the system to turn on. Or alternatively the furnace won’t receive a signal to turn off.

This isn’t a problem to try to diagnose on your own. Give our experts a call so we can find out exactly what’s going on.

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