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3 Benefits of Professional Sewer Cleaning


Are you concerned about the state of your drain and sewer pipes? Do you have clogged or slow-draining bathroom fixtures, or perhaps kitchen sink? Professional sewer cleaning is a service that can clear up those problems and more, with just the power of water. How? And what are the other benefits? Read on to find out.

How Sewer Cleaning Is Done

Professional plumbers with training and experience at sewer cleaning in Cumming, GA are not just knowledgeable. We also have unique equipment at our disposal. The particular piece of technology we use to completely clean out drains and sewers is a hydro jetting machine. This machine pressurizes water, so your pipes can be cleaned without being disassembled and without any chemicals. The nozzle is inserted all the way down, through your drainage system and into the sewer pipe that carries wastewater away from your home. Then, spraying water at an adjustable pressure (usually around 1500 pounds per square inch) and at adjustable angles, the nozzle is drawn back through your drain pipes, clearing everything as it goes, until the whole system is free of clogs and residue.

Now that you know exactly how it works, here are some of the benefits.

1. It Makes Your Drains Smell Fresh

If you have clogs or slow drains, the buildup that causes that is largely organic matter. In the bathroom, it may be hair and dead skin cells along with soap scum. In the kitchen, it’s food residue and grease. These substances do not smell fantastic, and the longer they hang around in your drains, the more they attract things like bacteria, which makes them smell even worse. You might not even realize that you’ve gotten used to a vague unpleasant smell around your drains, but you’ll definitely notice when it’s gone and your home smells fresher than it has in years!

2. It Allows for Accurate Assessment of Your Plumbing

With all the mess and buildup out of the way, it will be easy for your plumber to conduct an inspection of your pipes with a modern technique of inserting a tiny video camera into your plumbing. This can save you considerable money and avoid enormous hassles. If there is corrosion, weakened connectors, cracked or damaged sections of pipe, or if your sewer line as it leaves your home has been broken or clogged with tree roots (which happens surprisingly often), you can address these issues before they lead to bigger issues like major leaks, water damage, or even sewer gases escaping into your home. 

3: It Prevents Clogs from Happening Again

If you clear up a clog at one particular fixture using a plunger or hand-cranked drain snake, or if a plumber addresses that single clog with a motorized auger, that fixture will drain much better for a time. But blockages and buildup farther inside your drainage system can make it so that the drain clogs up again in the near future. Having the whole system cleared out will dramatically reduce the risk of future clogs.

If you have questions about drain and sewer cleaning, contact DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today. Fixed, At the Speed of Life!

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