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Here’s Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning


Maybe you’re incredibly lucky and have never had a problem with a drain in your home. Chances are, though, you encounter drain problems from time to time. It’s great if you can address a small clog yourself with a plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake, but if those problems keep cropping up, you need a better solution. The best solution is professional drain cleaning.

A Note About Chemical Drain Cleaners

The chemical concoctions meant to unclog drains are not a good solution for several reasons. First, even if they do make a minor difference in the moment, they’re only eating through enough of the clog to allow a bit of water to flow. This hole will soon close up again. Second, they can cause damage to the interior of your pipes. These are caustic chemicals, and if they corrode the surfaces inside your plumbing, those surfaces will allow buildup to happen again even faster. Third, they pose a health hazard. Not only are they unsafe if they touch your skin, they also have chemical fumes which are dangerous to breathe.

When You Need Professional Help Urgently

In some cases, a plumbing problem means you need someone to get to your home and offer solutions as soon as possible. Two of the main reasons for this are slow or stopped drains and foul odors.

Slow or Stopped Drains: When things are backing up, and your home plunger or snake aren’t resolving it, a professional plumber has tools that can do a much more effective job. One of these is a motorized drain auger, which is like a super-powered version of your hand-cranked snake. Another is a hydro jetting machine, which pushes pressurized water through your pipes, clearing away clumps of hair, buildups of soap scum or mineral deposits from hard water, and globs of grease. 

Foul Odors: “Sink stink” may be fun to say, but it’s not a fun problem to have in your kitchen. Sometimes, residue of old food can build up in your sink drain. As it rots, it smells terrible. Hydro jetting can completely remove this residue and return your kitchen to a pleasant, stink-free state. However, you should know that bad plumbing smells can be caused by other issues, too. Foul odors coming from multiple drains in your house indicate a more serious problem, and you should definitely have a qualified plumbing professional assess the situation to avoid health hazards like breathing trapped sewer gas.

Preventive Measures

It’s always a good idea to get ahead of potential problems. Hydro jetting can be used throughout your home’s plumbing, helping all wastewater drain easily to the sewer, and is a great solution for sewer cleaning in Suwanee, GA. Drain cleaning can be done annually to keep everything running smoothly and prevent sudden clogs from spoiling your day—or your special event.

Here’s a bonus fact for you: the day of the year when plumbers receive the highest number of calls is the day after Thanksgiving. Meat, gravy, and cheese should go in your belly, not down the kitchen sink! But scheduling annual professional drain cleaning can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re starting the holiday season with a clean slate, not layers of greasy buildup.

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